We offer a full range of packing materials for self-packing, or our professional packing service.

Please contact us to request our up to date price list. If you live locally, we can arrange delivery to your door.

Packing materials available:

T-Chest - 


Booksize - 


Bubble wrap - 


Foam wrap - 

Wrapping paper - 

Brown tape - 

Garment carriers - 

H - 515mm/20.3",
W - 450mm/17.7",
D - 450mm/17.7"

H - 355mm/14",
W - 380mm/15",
D - 430mm/16.9"

60" wide
38" wide

56" wide

250 sheets

By the roll

In various sizes.


If we undertake a removal for you, then garment carriers are loaned out free of charge on the day of removal. They can also purchased separately.

We also stock sofa, chair, mattress covers and paper blankets.

If you require any packing item not listed, please contact us as we can pre-order most packaging products. All items are available to the trade and the general public, and are kept in stock at our warehouse.

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